Night Photography - Catch the stars

Have you ever wondered how to shoot a starry night sky? 

Here a few tips & tricks for great night shots...

  • Go on a cold night
  • Try to go somewhere high up
  • On a night around new moon
  • Look for a place with little light pollution
  • Use a high-quality tripod (need to be absolutely stable)
  • Use a high-quality lens (f/2.8 or better)
  • Don't move during capturing

Camera settings

  • Switch off image stabilisator
  • Switch off any noise reduction features
  • Shoot in RAW mode
  • Enable mirror lock-up
  • Use self-timer
  • Brightest possible aperture (around f/2.8)
  • Start with: ISO 3200
  • Start with: Exposure 20sec.
  • Manual focus with liveview screen

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See you around.

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