Night Sky and Star Photography - Equipment List

Perfect weather for a night under the star? Here's a short list of the things you might want to take with you for a comfortable night out and to get some great night shots. 

My night-out equipment:

- Camera with a fast "wide-angle" lense (around f1.4)
- Sturdy Tripod
- Flash unit or torch (to light foreground/tent, ....)
- Flash remote trigger
- Batteries (spare)
- Memory cards (spare)
- Lens cleaning material

- Headlamp
- Multi-Tool
- Sunglasses
- Sun creme and protection
- First Aid Kit
- Snacks and plenty of water

- Gloves, hat, warm clothing
- Weather protection
- Floor cushion
- Thermal mat
- Sleeping bag

If you want to join me one day, let me know ;-)

Happy Weekend and
see you around.

ps. for more about "Night Photography" see also: Catch The Stars